Craving for a trip

July 7, 2010

Had a wonderful trip with my babe for a month in England and some other Europe countries. Missed those two blurry babe trip. Luckily, I decided to follow along through out the trip =) MISS THOSE TIME BABE J!!! and of course MISS YOU THE MOST!!!

A trip full of laughter, blur cases and many wonderful memories. Changed my mind most of the time I guess. Because we actually talk about some of our experience from time to time =P Just received babe J's message. I know you will miss me very much and our travelling period. We are going to do more travelling aren't we?

LOL we already discussed where we are going the next trip you are here. ANDDDD when I am back in MSIA and S'PORE!!! can't wait to see you BABE J!! More trips to go for us isn't it?? You need to keep your time for me ya =)

Miss you!!

I am done peepz =)

June 13, 2010

Alright!! I am done with my university life. Sad to say that I am finally done with it when I thought of my university life is so brief. When i am starting to enjoy my university life which includes getting to know my classmates well and tadahhh!! we are done our days in Uni. Isn't it sad when you thought of you are finally getting closer to them but now we have to say goodbye.

I shouldn't be so upset ain't it? I should be happy that I had finally done with all the courseworks I need to finish and rushing for the deadlines as well as getting anxious on the readings I need to finish before the examinations. It is stressful but still I enjoy being a student. Too bad it is coming to an end and I have to look for job soon. It's great to say I am done with it but if i have the opportunity I still feel like studying. Not so soon maybe a couple years of work in the field I am aiming for.

What am I going to do next? My parents and friends have been asking me lately. I really wished to stay back here to look for a job. For your info I actually love the environment here. So that makes me feel like staying back and look for a job here. Not going back home? I guess it's a 'NO'. I want to look for a job and I need to get my visa done before I get back which may take up to 3 months. So won't see all my mates so soon =)

In Portsmouth

September 18, 2009

Its my fifth day i arrive at portsmouth. I am lucky enough that i have my bestie here =) Now i am adapt to the environment here. Going out on my own isn't a problem to me. Getting information for me isn't a hard one as well. LOL..

To be exact I enjoyed quite a lot here. Went to Chichester yesterday, and its a nice place =) We never walk a lot. Its just a few streets with shops that we can shop at and that's all i guess. Nice though. Oh ya the public transport here is very convenient. Update with pictures soon =) Stay tuned !!

Happening Weekend

September 3, 2009

Last week i went to KL to submit my visa application at the high commission. Then drop by at KLCC for a short walk. GOD DAMN IT!! I want to shop there. All those stuff is nice not to mention they are all branded but they really looks nice. MONEY PLEASE. I want to shop =D

After a short walk there then we went to Sungei Wang because me and my dad needs to pick up my dear there. At night my dad went for a dinner and we went for a walk at the nearby mall near my dad place. The next day we came back to Penang together. So nice, get to be together with dear =)

Of course that's our weekend. We went out for the whole day on saturday and sunday. Happy that dear came back to accompany me before i leave. BUT...I guess he can't make it to send me off in the airport because it is his final's period and need to study. But I am happy enough because he came back to accompany me =) HAPPY.. Now he is back in KL again =S

it's gonna be a tough week =S

July 21, 2009

I m gonna die this time!! I need to sit for one post assessment test for my SAP. Its killing me =S I haven started anything and I plan to sit for that on FRIDAY. This Friday will be my "BLACK FRIDAY".

There are so many to study and I guess so I cant finish it. Maybe I will just flip through and see whatever I know and leave those that I am not so sure. Besides that I still got something up to do which is quite rush. Finish it ASAP and continue my study on SAP.


SAP training camp

June 20, 2009

I am in the mid of this SAP training camp which I get the opportunity to learn the popular solution which many companies especially those international companies are looking for which enable the company work efficiently. As well as using this solution to enable This is a course which I want to pick up long ago.

Previously I planned to get this course. When I checked this course information I found out that this course is quite expensive. So I just halt my mind of taking this course at this time and maybe try out in the future. Before i finish my diploma in College, luckily there is one presenter, Ms. Marziah came over and gave us a talk and brief to us on this course. She told us that there is a sponsor, MDEC sponsoring those who are fresh graduates or unemployed to pick up this course as their skill set. So, here comes my opportunity to pick up this course and start off.

The course is 25days long and I left few days to go. Nice taking this course because I learn new thing as well as get to know many people as well. All of them are quite crazy especially I-Tze =) LOL. I enjoyed very much while taking this course. Lucky to know them. They are people that I first met after my diploma and they makes me feel very lucky to know them. Fresh grads which are looking for job. They actually don't mind to work as a part time in the shopping mall as well as in the service line while looking for a better job. This should be the way people should act instead of sit down and said that there is no job available. In fact there are a lot of vacancies out there and those people are being choosy yet blaming no job available for them. You can still look out for the job you want but in the meanwhile just work on it while waiting for you opportunity to get the job you want.

There are few days left and they make me feel like I need to get a part time job as well to fill up my free time instead of sitting in front of my lappy the whole day. Now I got something to be done before I look for a job. My university stuff haven settle and I need to help momo in his final project a bit because he met some problem.

Out again

June 2, 2009

went out with honey again today =D We went to Gurney Plaza. Hahha These days we go there more frequent. Pictures taken while honey dropped me at my home. Lolz. What else we did? I don't know =D Oh ya we went to take crepe somewhere near my house. GOSH!! Crepe is one of my favourite and lucky that i can find it somewhere near my house =D hahahah Anyway honey said I am such a big eater =D hahahaha I am =D So soon I will be very fat =D

Shopping Spree

May 24, 2009

Went out with my parents today. GOSH!! I can spend over hundreds ringgit in 1hour time. All I did is just go into the outlet and saw something I want and the next thing i will do is take one which is my size then get money out of my purse and pay it. No wonder I manage to spend over hundreds ringgit in 1hour.

The most ridiculous is I saw a short which is cheap and without trying whether it suits me I just pay and leave. Besides that, since i like the short I get three colours of that short with the same style and pay straight. That's why. I love to shop especially when I am with one or two friends or my mum. That's why. I can even shop alone. iish!! I need to stop myself spending like buying things no need money =S

Until now I still feel the urge to buy and I am browsing those e-boutique and looking for bags =D Hopefully I can find one which I love very much..

Out with Ahmed & KingKooi=D

May 20, 2009

Ahmed and Kingkooi had been asking me out in the afternoon but unluckily i had already got a date with my honey =D So I need to reject them. Then until night they said want to go to Subway and eat. So I meet them there. Its a long time never see them especially that butoh butoh kingkooi =D

Of course happy see him =P hahah.. Talking nonsense there while we are eating and we can sit there and talk for i guess more than one hours till about 11something. We actually want to go home already. Out of sudden those guys say want to go to lepak more and ask me whether I want to follow them. Since I have nothing to do at that time and they are going to fetch me. So i left my car at home and follow them out.

When I get into their car, they said they want to go to Love lane to see Ah Kua. =D hahah. I guess most of you guys know it. These ah kua are people who gone through cosmetic surgery to transform their gender from male to female =P So here comes the funny part. We went to these place and drive through those places looking for ah kua in the midnight. Not much at that time ler =D I told them they are usually out at 11pm like that eh la. So they said how come you know much more than us? I go there very frequent ma.

my family and I used to go out for supper and I always asked daddy to drive throught those place =D hahah. their body is much more better than mine so go their and lurk around =D hahah. we keep on talking these during driving. Nice =D Crazy night outing.

For my info ahmed told me that they actually do some crazy stuff after they drop me off. As they need to cross through the bukit gambir to be back home. So what they did is they bet whether they can reach the traffic light from the summit of the road without accelerating XD and it manage to reach the traffic light with some pushes from ahmed and kingkooi in the car.They rock the car to reach the traffic light.ROFLMAO This is what i called crazy people did crazy stuff =D

Angel or Devil?

May 19, 2009

If you have the choice to become either angel or devil, which will you choose?
I like to see someone with angel character, but me myself I prefer devil more =D Because I feel they are more close to themselves. They act in their own way and in the way they like it without the need to consider very much. Not to say that being a devil is bad as it makes people feel bad. However when times you found that devil is trying make you face it instead of angel. I like people who are always innocent and they are type of people which wont do something bad. Maybe I am a nasty one =D So I like to prank on someone and put some trick on someone. I can even speak out the way I want without the need to control myself =D I like the way I am and Honey had been saying I am born a devil =D I like this.
Any idea on me? Lets' discuss what you wanna be if you can chose =D